#Funny -> How Would You React To A Robbery In A Bush In A Remote Area In Africa ~ Prank

Four ‘thieves’ aggressively attack rappers (Faded Gang Music Group) in the African bush. How would you react?

Narration by Youtube/theboys

Mugged in Africa prank #BladedGang. How you react if four thieves attacked you in the bush? We brought ‘Faded Gang’ (music group) to the dam to test how they would react when four dangerous thieves attacked the vehicle. Healy and the blades (muggers) aggressively ran in from the bushes, without weapons but with the intent to steal our valuables. The video cameras were set up in clear locations as we had told Ammo Skii mask, Mane Dilla, Obado and Trippy Rhe that we were capturing a timelapse of the sunset. This prank was shot in Southern Botswana, Africa.

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