Tough Talking -> Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes A Stand Against Elephant Poaching In Africa

Watch out ivory poachers – now you got The Terminator mad. WCS’s 96 Elephants campaign has received a powerful new ally: Arnold Schwarzenegger! In support of efforts to protect elephants from the ravages of poaching, Schwarzenegger blows up an ivory tusk on camera to send a clear message: Let’s get rid of the demand once and for all. Poachers, consider yourselves warned – as you well know, he’ll be back!

Schwarzenegger’s efforts come not a moment too soon. A dangerous policy rider has been proposed in the House Interior Appropriations Bill that would undermine efforts by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to curtail the illegal trade of ivory in the United States.

The language would roll back FWS efforts to tighten existing regulations on African elephant ivory to the system that existed prior to 2014, ensuring that poached ivory can still be easily sold in U.S. markets after it sneaks through the border. In addition, the language would undermine U.S. diplomatic progress made with China, which represents the best chance for saving African elephants in the wild.

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