Wildlife -> Lion Kills Man ~ Safari Tour Guide Mauled By Lion At Park Where Cecil The Lion Lived In Zimbabwe

HWANGE NATIONAL PARK, ZIMBABWE — Representatives at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, the very same park where Cecil the lion roamed free before being killed by an American dentist, confirmed Monday that a tour guide died after being mauled by a lion.

The guide, Quinn Swales, 40, had reportedly been tracking a pride of lions with a small tour group that very morning, according to a Facebook post by the park, when a male lion unexpectedly charged at him.

Swales, whom the camp says was fully qualified and very experienced, died at the scene, but reportedly made every effort to successfully protect the rest of his group.

“Quinn bore the full brunt of the charge and, unable to fire his rifle due to the speed of the attack, literally stopped the attack of the lion on his group by placing himself directly in harm’s way,” read a statement on the park’s Facebook page.

Thanks to Swales’ heroism, none of the guests in his care sustained any injuries. They were eventually able to scare away the lion before contacting park officials.

“Only praise and admiration can be given to Quinn in the professional way he unflinchingly faced the charging lion,” said David Carson, the park’s general manager. “Thus ensuring that he protected the clients all of whom were unharmed in any way. He paid the ultimate price in pursuit of a job he loved, in an area he knew so well.”

– By TomoNews US

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