#ATotalShame -> South African Pastor Lethabo Rabalago AKA #ProphetOfDoom Sprays Insecticide On Congregants ‘To Heal Them’

The African Christian Democratic Party, ACDP, has strongly condemned self-styled “prophets” who abuse their congregations. It was reacting to the news that self-proclaimed prophet Lethabo Rabalago has been spraying Doom onto the faces of his congregants. He claims this is to “heal” them. Social media have shown photographs of Rabalago spraying “Doom” aerosol on volunteers during his church service at the weekend at the Mount Zion General Assembly. The 24-year-old said people came with injuries and after they were sprayed, they were healed. Rabalago, has been dubbed the “Prophet of Doom”. He says he is “glorifying God” by spraying his congregation.

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