#Wildlife -> Baby Hippo Protects Mother From Lion ~ Sweet

Dramatic video of a baby hippo trying to protect its mother from a hungry lion!

Yes, there is a river in the video, but lack of drinking water isn’t the only problem during a drought, it’s that there isn’t enough water or rain to grow food full of nutrients. So food that there is, isn’t filled with any nutrients. Also, since there isn’t water, the hippos are fighting a lot for dominance, so the weaker hippos are also losing their home to stronger ones. So whatever water there is, hippos that are weak are not allowed to enter for drinking as the stronger hippos will chase them away.
Unfortunately 100s of hippos and other animals are busy dying in the past few weeks due to this situation.

Taken on the in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Video by: Private Kruger Safaris

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